[sword-devel] CzeCSP xref encoding error

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu Apr 10 07:09:12 MST 2014

I got a Xiphos crash report this morning from someone using CzeCSP.  The
error is that there are xref encoding glitches that Sword fails to
parse, which cause Xiphos to crash when trying to process them.  Oops.

The immediate glitch is fixed in Xiphos so as to avoid the crash.  The
underlying module problem is that there are many xrefs which have what I
believe is an improper target.

Good example:
    <note n="o308" osisID="Rom.7.11!o308" osisRef="Rom.7.11"
type="crossReference">Gn 3,20</note>

Bad example:
    <note n="o305" osisID="Rom.7.8!o305" osisRef="Rom.7.8"
type="crossReference">v. 11</note>

The xref target is not in BCV format.  getEntryAttributes() returns
nothingness for "v. 11", and in Xiphos' older code that eventually
crawls down into a plain C interface to GTK, this propagates as NULL.

So as I said, the crash is fixed.  But I believe the example above is
bad due to this target error.  Am I correct?

$ mod2imp CzeCSP | grep '>v\.' | wc
   2434  117012 1539356

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