[sword-devel] Hebrew Qere and Ketiv

David Haslam dfhmch at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 3 05:49:21 MST 2014

At least one of our our Hebrew OT modules (WLC) contains OSIS XML elements to
implement Hebrew Qere and Ketiv.

For background, please refer to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qere_and_Ketiv

These are w elements with attributes type="x-ketiv" & type="x-qere".

##### There is a rendering issue with these. #####

There is no space before either the Ketiv or the Qere.

Thus both Hebrew words get concatenated to the preceding Hebrew word in the
same verse,
or simply joined to each other when the Ketiv/Qere pair occurs at the start
of a verse.

First example in WLC, Genesis 8:17 - view this verse with any front-end.

Look for        הָאָ֖רֶץהוצאהַיְצֵ֣א

Q. Is this an issue in the SWORD engine?

Or is this something that could be fixed by an improvement [say] to Sword
utility osis2mod ?

Related to this, a few moments of thought caused me to realize that there is
a functional similarity
to OSIS variants in Bible translations, even though Ketiv/Qere pairs are
semantically different.

This prompts me to suggest that we should enhance the SWORD engine to
implement the following:


The conf property would define module option values to determine which
should be displayed.
1 = Hebrew Ketiv
2 = Hebrew Qere
-1 = Both Ketiv and Qere

Following a discussion not so long ago about providing suitable delimiters
(i.e. when both OSIS variants are displayed by a front-end)
the same concept could be considered here also.

As for the statistics, these are the counts for the WLC module:

    001265    <w type="x-ketiv">
    001277    <w type="x-qere">

NB. Minor anomalies in the source text can account for why these counts are
not the same.

Best regards,

David Haslam

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