[sword-devel] FirefoxOS bible app

Stephan info at tetzels.de
Wed Dec 18 20:38:41 MST 2013

Hi Matěj,

 > Now, the bad news :(


 > When I opened your page in FxOS-simulator
 > (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/firefox-os-simulator/
 > ... contains FxOS 1.1), I got exactly nothing ... when clicking that [+]
 > button I get absolutely no response whatsoever ...
 > http://mcepl.fedorapeople.org/tmp/fxos-simulator.webm

Yes, I'm not testing for Firefox in FirefoxOS...so it will try to run
the default module manager, that is different from the Desktop version.
The default module manager will download the master file for the
repositories and since Crosswire don't support CORS, you need the
systemXHR permission for priviliged apps. It won't work in the Firefox
Browser in FirefoxOS or Android.

 > When I open your page in my real Firefox OS phone (Geeksphone Peak with
 > FxOS 1.1hd ... not sure what's the difference from the pure Mozilla
 > Foundation 1.1 image, but I know they have backported plenty of patches
 > to it to make it more stable) or in Firefox App-Manager
 > with https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/labs/fxos-simulator/
 > Firefox OS 1.2 Simulator), so when I open the page in either of these, I
 > do a little bit better. I can open the Module Manager and I get [object
 > progressbar] visible. See
 > http://mcepl.fedorapeople.org/tmp/app-manager-screencast.webm

see my note above. If you want to run it on your Peak or in the
simulator you have to clone the git repo and point the App Manager to
manifest.webwepp (for the debug version) or run sh buildApp.sh and point
to manifest.webapp in the deploy/biblez-ng/ folder for the production
and minified version. That will fine in the simulator and on a FxOS
device (it runs well on my Keon with 1.1 or 1.3).

 > And the last piece of bad news. In the desktop Firefox your app works
 > with ESV, but I couldn't make it to work with either CzeBKR or CzeCSP
 > (two Czech Bibles I tried).

Did you get any messages in the console? I could install your module
without errors.

 > It is hard to debug these problems if I don't have a manifest. If you
 > put your app manifest
 > (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Apps/Developing/Manifest) somewhere
 > on the web, I could load the app into App-Simulator and start to find
 > out what's going on with the debugger.

It's in the git repo.

Best Regards,

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