[sword-devel] Request for Participation: sync current verse with theWord, e-Sword, etc

William first name read_frequently at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 21 23:14:46 MST 2012

Hi to the The Sword Project Developers.

Currently I am working with theWord, e-Sword, and BibleAnalyzer developers to synchronize
the current Bible Verse reference between those programs.
We are working toward:
 a standard IPC communication mechanism (so that these programs can broadcast the current verse to each other)and Bible verse format for this. 

We are quite close to a second version of the specification - and have agreed on using a Multicast messaging as the IPC mechanism.

I am asking if The Sword Project would to participate in implementing this feature too?

If so  please let me know who I can email the specification to (so i don't have to message multiple people at the Sword Project) and I will forward you guys the spec as soon as it is released - which should hopefully be this week.


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