[sword-devel] Interverse Material

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sun Oct 7 15:02:49 MST 2012

You're correct, I hadn't done anything about that as I converted to
XHTML.  So now I've done that, and at first blush it's fine.

It's the 2nd blush that gets me.  When I turn on Strong's or morphology,
it has the effect of disabling red words.  I suspect that my
too-close-to-the-HTML blocking algorithm for Strong's and morphology has
a bad interaction with this, that is, it's probably my own fault.  I'll
look into it and fix it if so.

What I should really do is abandon the dreadful too-close implementation
entirely and re-do it The Right Way.  Maybe I'll find another 'round
tuit and take care of that.  Not sure right now, too many irons in the

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