[sword-devel] Headings and Intros

Stephan Tetzel stephan.tetzel at online.de
Tue Feb 28 23:15:38 MST 2012


I've tried to add book intros to BibleZ HD, but it doesn't work.

It is working on my PC (sword-1.6.1 - default in ubuntu 11.10) with this 
little code:

VerseKey vk = VerseKey(key);
std::cout << module->RenderText() << "\n";

But if I use this in my static lib (sword-1.6.2 - build with: 
./configure --host=arm-none-linux-gnueabi --without-icu 
--without-clucene --enable-static) it doesn't work. If I try to access 
the intro from John 1 in GerNeUe and set the Chapter and Verse to 0 the 
VerseKey is set to Luke 24:56.

There is another problem I have with the most recent version of GerNeUe. 
I'm not able to access chapter headings at the beginnig of a chapter. 
(like Exodus 3, I get the heading of verse 16 in GerNeUe but not the one 
of verse 1). This was ok since the last module update.

Best Regards,

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