[sword-devel] proposed patch: adding n=X marker content to footnotes and xrefs

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Tue Feb 7 20:38:02 MST 2012

To date, we have DM in support of n=X content in *n/*x, as well as Brian
noting that consistency should be supported in that note numbers provide
the common language of note reference.

No one has suggested that such an update is a bad idea, though Troy
wondered aloud the other night in #xiphos about choice being taken away.
Considering that no other frontend (to my knowledge) makes any effort to
do Xiphos-style post-processing in order to get n=X content into place,
personally I think the question of choice is moot: All other frontends
simply take the null choice, that is, whatever the engine gives them,

My inclination remains to commit the patch, but I'm concerned that so
little feedback has been seen.

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