[sword-devel] proposed patch: adding n=X marker content to footnotes and xrefs

Brian J Dumont brian.j.dumont at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 11:15:31 MST 2012

I'd suggest that it should be consistent.  When one references a 
footnote in a printed work, it is common to reference the page and 
bookmark number.  If (or more accurately because) we don't have a 
consistent marker for each footnote between front-ends, we lose the 
common "language" to reference footnotes between front-ends.

My $0.02

On 02/05/2012 10:01 AM, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> When I got home late last evening, I found that Troy and Greg had had a
> conversation about this in #xiphos.  Troy theorized and Greg confirmed
> that Xiphos must be calling RenderText() too often; I hadn't noticed
> this -- it happens in a "bridge" routine in Xiphos' backend by which to
> call the engine's getEntryAttributes().  Oops, yes, the performance flaw
> was there.  The need for RenderText() at that point is because of
> processing mouse hover/click on footnotes and xrefs, in turn because the
> verse in question might not be the current module key (so it needs to be
> brought into context with RenderText()), but it's not appropriate
> _always_ to do it.  So I fixed that.
> This leaves the proposed patch as a philosophical question instead of a
> performance necessity.  Troy mentioned in last night's conversation with
> Greg that "it takes away the choice for frontend developers".  Perhaps
> true, but on the other hand the lack of n=X content in *n/*x means every
> frontend has to go through this effort, if it's wanted.  I note that
> PocketSword replaces *n/*x with small caps N/X (neither '*' nor n=X
> content, as a screen real estate conservation issue), and I doubt
> BibleTime uses it at all, so I'm wondering what choice is being taken
> away.
> The reason I made Xiphos do this a while back is in line with what DM
> said yesterday, that the information is there, so I'd like to think we
> should display it, but the frontends don't get to display it without
> being required to do this post-processing of the HTML output.
> Thoughts/theories/attitudes?
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