[sword-devel] "New" czech translation of the Bible

Jakub Zůna jakub.zuna at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 13:59:21 MST 2012


I would be grateful for the inclusion of Bible translation CSP or ČSP
(Czech Study Bible), which builds on the KMS (only Biblical New Testament),
but the CSP contains old and new testament to the downloadable Bibles in
the program AndBible and other similar (to the list czech Bible).

in en.
in cz.
http://www.biblecsp.cz/softwary.html#CSP v mobilu
http://www.biblecsp.cz/ke_stazeni.html#Text pro ctecky

I hope it will not be a problem.
Thank you (in advance).

Jakub Zůna
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