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Mike Hart just_mike_y at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 14 07:57:34 MST 2011

I've placed something close to the module I wanted to build on the Internet Archive @


The config file and directory structure are as I originally tested (IMP -> Text @ rawtext in Plaintext) which produced the links when viewed as a text (module driver = rawtext), but showed the exact text ("<A HREF...") when the directories and module driver were changed to rawcom.  I tried changing the sourcetype to ThML, but that resulted in no links appearing at all in BibleTime viewed as bible.   I did not test sourcetype=ThML, ModuleDriver=rawcom (yet). 

Also, Greg was pondering how to display multiple BibleGateway verses in BT in an inline frame.  To this end, look at verse zero for each chapter.  They render the whole chapter in a single frame, which is exactly what BT returns on any verse for a sword module.  If you could span the verse cells vertically, it would match the text altho possibly not as perfectly as module - module. That is, redo the BG module at the chapter level instead of verse level, something like:

<a href=....Gen1 ...>


Note that the source open office document has 19 links per verse, but I could only get 12 into text form.  My XP box has 2g of memory and Vista box has 3g. Something in OO calc wants to blow up to about 2.5g usage when saving to flat text format for 12 links per verse, and gets worse (crashes) with more. 

Also, the links are based on the KJV.  I'm sure there are missing/nonexistant links for some versions in the module.
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