[sword-devel] Sword 1.6.x and various frontends

Luke Schroeder luke at motimail.com
Tue May 24 00:11:00 MST 2011

I'm slowly but surely working on getting our translation's electronic 
bible published.
I can only install the file into Xiphos when I have it unzipped.  It 
installs into BPBible Porteable fine from the Zip file.
I cannot install it at all into Alkitab or Bibledesktop.
XULrunner recognizes the file I installed from Xiphos.  Alkitab and 
Bibledesktop do not.
After several hours of trying to figure this out, I decided I would go 
here for help.  Are several of the frontends for SWORD not capable of 
using Sword 1.6.x?  I came to this hypothesis because my translation 
requires NRSV versification and I used the most current sword to make it.

These are the steps I took:
- I exported from Paratext to OSIS.
- I used the most current OSIS2Mod.
- I configured it to use NRSV's versification and rawtext
- I manually created .config file
- I manually setup a zip file to work with this.

Please give me any tips I might be missing here.  I need to send the 
file on to my boss.


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