[sword-devel] Display versification name in the module managers?

David (Mailing List Addy) davidslists at gmx.net
Sat May 21 17:13:29 MST 2011

On Wednesday, May 18, 2011 09:21:16 AM Nic Carter wrote:
> it shouldn't really matter to the end user what their preferred Bible is
> encoded as.  It should "just work" and be "right" for what that Bible
> translation team originally decided to go with.  The user shouldn't have 
> care that the ESV uses the KJV versification (and it could also be a
> distraction?) or that the Russian Synodal Bible uses the Synodal v11n
> rather than the KJV?

And further, unless they are used to, say the RST being shoehorned into 
KJV v11n in our software, they will know what v11n their preferred 
translation as it should match print versions once av11n goes fully live.

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