[sword-devel] Has the Russian Synodal Translation been removed?

Konstantin Maslyuk kalemas at mail.ru
Mon Mar 28 07:16:55 MST 2011

Hello, listen, please, to my reasonings, concerning of removal RST
from the main repository.

RST was the only worthy russian module, and everywhere at forums there
was a speech about Sword software there was a speech about RST module.
Many  russian users very long time used the module containing mistakes
and  the  publication of qualitative Synodal translation was expected.
Instead  they  remain with nothing. Removal, without offering anything
in exchange it is like we want to lose russian users. But they too are
very valuable, at least for me!

If  CrossWire administration considers that RST has protected contents
and  the  legal  owner  does not wish to authorise for distribution of
this  module, it should be removed. But we should prepare something in
replacement.  Both  reasons of removal can be solved. Strong's numbers
can  be  cut  out,  and  the  text  can  be  taken from RusSynodal and
converted  in  KJV  versification. System for conversion and necessary
mapping  tables  from  Synodal  to KJV v11n are made by me four months
ago.  But  nobody  has  suggested  to make anything similar before the
removal.  The love in the Christ means open dialogue between brothers,
closeness  and  not  desire  to share the opinions and plans gives the
rise  of incomprehension, it is as a crack where seeds of a devil fall
and growing into division between people.

Forgive me, if it has wounded someone.

> Yes, unfortunately it was discovered that this module contained
> copyrighted content. The non-copyrighted portions remain available in
> the RusSynodal module that was intended to replace this in any case.

> Chris

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