[sword-devel] Japanese ruby text - is this also an option for Chinese?

Matthew Patenaude mnglfiddle at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 18:20:32 MST 2011

Hey Brethren,

Just want to toss something out there, as nothing has been mentioned about
it recently. We discussed pinyin attached to Chinese text previously, and I
was wondering about the theoretical implications such a thing as the recent
discussion on Japanese ruby text would have on the Chinese module.

To be clear, it seems as though the idea is to enable a ruby on/off toggle
for the Japanese module. As this is really talking about Chinese characters
within Japanese syllabary text (correct?), would this not also be possible
for complete Chinese text? This would be great for those who want pinyin
Chinese text. A straight pinyin Chinese module would be worthless in the
long run (IMHO) as it keeps someone who is studying from ever reaching a
real level of skill in the language. This however, would be great for
learners, as they could just hit the toggle and read the text with the
pinyin above for a guide, then toggle off and try to read the text again
without the crutches - er, help, I mean. :)

(I am being slightly facetious, of course. There are good folks who due to
various restraints may never find the time to develop proficiency in the
characters - that takes a lot of time and effort - years, in fact. I mean no
disrespect to them, I trust you understand.)

Of course, the time and work it would take to put all of that into the
Chinese module is another issue...

Matthew Patenaude
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