[sword-devel] Japanese <ruby> annotation

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Mar 16 16:06:40 MST 2011

Had a look today at the implementation for ruby which is a bit "lingering".

Can someone with knowledge explain to me what exactly is happening with

My understanding on looking at the source is:

1) the GlobalOptionFilter OSISRuby governs the matter
2) the osisruby.cpp filter produces a <w gloss="blabla"> tagging
3) osishtmlref.cpp then transforms this into <ruby>,<rt> and <rb> tags.

So, the engine does what it needs.

and then?
Is this anywhere rendered further? Does any frontend deal with it?

To start with - webkit supports beautifully a <ruby> tag.

Try this

This is a <ruby><rb>RUBY</rb><rt>ruby</rt></ruby> test.

FF/Xul does not do anything with it.

So, frontends based on webkit really should consider this - the pain
implementing must be minimal. Simply allow the Optionfilter to be
toggled and then see what happens.



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