[sword-devel] Confessions etc

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Jan 18 19:07:02 MST 2011

Dear friends of the more reformed ilk,

I have submitted to Karl for Xiphos a commentary for the Westminster
Confession by Robert Shaw. It appears to be the standard commentary on
the subject despite its age. Certainly my college recommended it.

Chris also has the Westminster Confession and the shorter catechism
which I submitted last week. Once I get round to the longer catechism we
will tie these into a module.

I have tried on both modules to get all Biblical references to work,
which was made hard by the somewhat "unorthodox" ways of writing
references. I am sure there are still mistakes, but the bulk should be
just fine.

Thanks to Ed Walsh who provides all these and a lot more on



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