[sword-devel] Per Project news: - was Re: CrossWire news

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Feb 14 06:23:56 MST 2011

I have now in a test file added the code to have a project parametre. 

You can see it here in action:


Please test it and if you manage to crash it, tell me what i did wrong. The underlying sql statement is pasted to the bottom of the page underneath.

The idea is that you can combine news from your particular project and news from e.g the "module factory", which I guess is nice to advertise your particular frontend and the modules you can display (which obviously won't work if your frontend has display or logic deficiencies)

There are a few half or totally abandoned projects strewn across the site and i will add it there to show how it would look for them. Others can then see if they want to make use of the facility.

I will also in the next few days  try and make the production of tailored rss feeds similarly straight forward and then throw a bunch of such feeds in a well accessible place - particularly also for externally hosted projects this might be of use.


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