[sword-devel] New greenhopper plugin & Jira notifications

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Sun Feb 6 15:44:18 MST 2011


With the installation of the greenhopper plugin, it is now much easier to
change component, version, status, resolution. It also much quicker to
comment on issues, change their priority, etc. The side-effect of that is
that many more emails are sent for projects that have the defaults set up.

Every time an issue is updated (in any of the above ways), a lot of people
get a notification. I've set up a new notification scheme "Less Frequent
notifications" for people who want something that is more manageable. It is
setup to send emails only on Creation and on "comment" of an issue. The key
thing is that emails aren't sent for updates.

To change your project's notification scheme, just click "Administration"
menu, click your project, then on the main page that comes up, click "Select
notification scheme".

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