[sword-devel] Is the 1.6.2 Synodal v11n correct?

Костя и Алёна Маслюк kalemas at mail.ru
Mon Aug 15 00:04:23 MST 2011

I would confirm that Song.1.17, Isa.3.26 and 2Cor.11.33 absent in Synodal  
 from RBS 1998 and Orthodox 1988.

Chris Little <chrislit �� crosswire.org> писал(а) в своём письме Wed, 10 Aug  
2011 14:30:26 +0400:

> On 8/10/2011 1:45 AM, John Austen wrote:
>> If there are any Synodal experts out there: The Synodal canon was
>> updated from sword-1.6.1 to 1.6.2 to add Psalms 114:9 which was
>> previously missing. However, the current 1.6.2 Synodal canon still
>> appears to be missing a few verses. Running osis2mod on a clean Synodal
>> OSIS file produces the following results:
>> INFO(V11N): Song of Solomon 1:17 is not in the Synodal versification.
>> INFO(V11N): Song.1.17 is not in the Synodal versification. Appending
>> content to Song.1.16
>> INFO(V11N): Isaiah 3:26 is not in the Synodal versification.
>> INFO(V11N): Isa.3.26 is not in the Synodal versification. Appending
>> content to Isa.3.25
>> INFO(V11N): II Corinthians 11:33 is not in the Synodal versification.
>> INFO(V11N): 2Cor.11.33 is not in the Synodal versification. Appending
>> content to 2Cor.11.32
>> Please advise: Is another fix to the cannon needed?
> Versification systems in Sword come in two varieties. One type is based  
> on a single translation or manuscript (e.g. Leningrad, NRSVA, Luther, &  
> KJV). The other is designed to fit a maximal set of verses that appear  
> within closely related translations or versification systems (e.g. Vulg,  
> Catholic, & Catholic2).
> The Synodal v11n system is of the former type, but was supplemented by  
> the addition of Ps 114:9 when it was pointed out that some RSBs do  
> contain a Ps 114:9. (None of the exemplar texts used to generate the  
> Synodal v11n in 1.6.1 evidence this verse, but it was confirmed in a  
> printed edition.)
> I checked the three verses you identify, and they do not appear in any  
> of the texts we used to create the original 1.6.1 version of Synodal. I  
> don't have a printed RSB in my possession, and won't have the  
> opportunity to check one for a few weeks. To consider their addition, we  
> would need confirmation that these verses exist in this reference system.
> Looking at these three verses, though, I note that (in contrast to Ps  
> 114:9) they are all present in the KJV versification, so I'm obliged to  
> wonder whether the "clean Synodal OSIS file" you are using hasn't  
> already been re-versified to the KJV v11n. Are all of the other verse  
> slots filled with textual content (as reported by emptyvss, for example)?
> --Chris
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