[sword-devel] Logos Personal Book Builder

Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Sun Aug 14 07:15:37 MST 2011

I haven't looked at it myself either, but I like the concept.

This past week I was trying to revive the OpenOffice filter that was 
broken with version 3 of OpenOffice. I have isolated the problem code in 
the XSLT filter and commented it out so that the filter "works," but it 
doesn't export the document into nicely nested divs. One of the hazards 
of just hacking around in code without any real programming knowledge. 
And I can't find any models of hierarchical xml being exported from 
OpenOffice either (previously I used the TEI filter, but that project 
seems to be dead), so right now, unless someone else can move it 
forward, I am toying with the idea of creating a Perl script to go from 
LaTeX to OSIS XML. OpenOffice can export to LaTeX. The advantage of that 
is I could do it, but it would mean a second step. Any help is welcome, 
especially if someone can rescue me from my XSLT doldrums.

Another issue to consider is that currently the OpenOffice export 
feature only envisions Genbooks. That could change, but we have to get 
them working first.


On 08/14/2011 08:28 PM, Jonathan Morgan wrote:
> I don't usually comment on competing products, but I thought the new 
> (long-expected) Logos Personal Book Builder was worth commenting on.  
> You can find a post about it at 
> http://blog.logos.com/2011/08/personal-book-builder-the-inside-scoop/.  The 
> main difference from most software is the fact that books are built by 
> importing a docx file rather than entering any text into an editor, 
> which hopefully means minimal work to make it happen.  The created 
> books can then just be shared as you wish, even through the main Logos 
> servers.
> I personally do not intend to do anything about this, but I thought it 
> worth mentioning to see what others thought of the idea.  Certainly 
> difficulties converting the text into a usable form seem to crop up 
> quite a bit for SWORD, and we have no knowledge of how many people 
> just give up without asking (I know there is a project to work with 
> OpenOffice to create Genbooks, but I have never used it and so do not 
> know how capable and how automatic it is).
> Thoughts?
> Jon
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