[sword-devel] Logos Personal Book Builder

Jonathan Morgan jonmmorgan at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 06:28:39 MST 2011

I don't usually comment on competing products, but I thought the new
(long-expected) Logos Personal Book Builder was worth commenting on.  You
can find a post about it at
http://blog.logos.com/2011/08/personal-book-builder-the-inside-scoop/.  The
main difference from most software is the fact that books are built by
importing a docx file rather than entering any text into an editor, which
hopefully means minimal work to make it happen.  The created books can then
just be shared as you wish, even through the main Logos servers.

I personally do not intend to do anything about this, but I thought it worth
mentioning to see what others thought of the idea.  Certainly difficulties
converting the text into a usable form seem to crop up quite a bit for
SWORD, and we have no knowledge of how many people just give up without
asking (I know there is a project to work with OpenOffice to create
Genbooks, but I have never used it and so do not know how capable and how
automatic it is).


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