[sword-devel] Strong numbers larger that 5624

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Aug 4 01:00:57 MST 2011

I am looking at the moment at our TR module and find it has regularly
Strong numbers larger than 5624 - the largest number in our dictionaries.

E.g. the begin of Matthew 1:2 reads like this:

[..] εγεννησεν<sync type="Strongs" value="G1080" /><sync type="Strongs"
value="G5656" /><sync type="morph" class="Robinson" value="V-AAI-3S" /> [..]

The G5656 has
a) no word associated with it in the TR text and
b) does not actually seem to have any meaning in our dictionaries,

c) is followed by the morphology code for εγεννησεν

Can someone explain this to me?

Many thanks!


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