[sword-devel] Change to Synodal verse system

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Aug 1 04:41:45 MST 2011


> Von: Chris Little <chrislit at crosswire.org>

> At the time 1.6.2 was released, there were still no major Sword apps 
> that had been released with support for av11n to the extent necessary to 
> support Synodal-v11n modules. We had also only released a couple of 
> Synodal-v11n modules and only released them to the experimental 
> repository. 

XULsword - while not being a "major" Sword application in the sense of Xiphos etc for lack of having a worldwide distribution and a lack of much community involvement by XULSowrd's makers - it has a very strong following in the CIS area - where the synodal versification is in use across a whole bunch of tranlations (all IBT issues and preceding our own release of synodal texts(

And XUL sword supported synodal versification from early on - i.e. prior to libsword having av11n implemented XULSword was based on a forked version implementing kjv and synodal. 

I think this fork has been dumped and XULSword is now relying on our own ordinary implementation of av11n. 

While using the forked version XULSword also had its modules encrypted in a unique fashion, but my understanding is that the modules currently distributed will be just normal standard modules with Synodan v11n.

So, summary - for the target audience of synodal v11n there existed for a long time a distribution channel for modules, there are plenty out there who use these and we are currently making integration of IBT and XULsword into CrossWire proper difficult. 

I think if we plan to have a formal policy of eternal retention of obsolete v11ns, it needs to apply to the synodal too. 

This is a bit unfortunate and is in parts caused by the near total lack of communication between XULSword makers and us + also between IBT and us, but it would be good and right to be welcoming from our side. There is more to this than simply "doing your own thing". 



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