[sword-devel] Rendering added words for languages that don't use italics?

Nic Carter niccarter at mac.com
Tue Apr 19 17:12:47 MST 2011

On 20/04/2011, at 3:15 AM, DM Smith wrote:

> Troy's suggestion of changing this from <i>word</i> to <span class="added">word</span> is a good one.
> This removes the problem from the engine.
> With a well-defined output with class attributes, then CSS can solve the problem on a per module basis.

Sorry for coming in on the end of this, but this is pretty much what PS does.  I have hacked the filters to instead spit out HTML code with classes defined and then PS uses CSS to define what that looks like (so, with "added" it makes the text grey & in italics).  As time has been going on, I have hacked more and more, as I want more control than what the engine gives me.  :)

Thanks, ybic
	nic...  :)

ps:  you can crawl thru the PS repo at https://bitbucket.org/niccarter/pocketsword/overview to find the changes.  I keep my own copy of the SWORD lib in BB so as to maintain my changes.  Yes, true, I could be doing this thru patches and write scripts to pull the SWORD lib and applying the patches and building the lib . . .  but un/fortunately I have other things to do with my time (like create an iPad version of PS?)...  ;)

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