[sword-devel] KJV vs Russian Synodal versification comparison

Andy Harris andy at MangoRed.net
Tue Apr 19 10:41:38 MST 2011

Hi Konstantin,

Sorry for now answering earlier - your file has been incredibly helpful in
trying to understand this and to chase down where this mapping should come
However I am still trying to pick my way through this!
It seems that there are not only different versification formats (KJV and
Synodal) but that different Synodal versions have different (possibly
incorrect) mapping as well :-(
Additionally it seems that the versification is of course different between
the Protestant Synodal and the Synodal!

This has caused me a bit of a headache I'm afraid to say!

Let me explain... 
I now have your Synodal xml reference, 1 product's reference (and another
product that supports this versification to look at) and 1 "cheat sheet" to
explain the mappings.
It seems that neither reference matches exactly to what we have, although,
the products both work as expected?!
Eg: (and I appreciate that you said your file does contain errors but I'm
just trying to sort out where they might be - either on our side or in the
file you sent)
		KJV			Synodal
In your file:	Lev.14.55-Lev.14.56	Lev.14.55
Ref1:		Lev 14:56		Lev 14:55
		Lev 14:57	 	Lev 14:56
Ref2:		Lev 14:55 - Lev 15:56	Lev 14:55
		Lev 14:57		Lev 14:56
Kazakh text:	Lev 14:56 - Lev 15:57	Lev 14:56

Now I'm not sure which it should be, but it seems that the Kazakh text is
totally different to everyone else :-( Which may mean a mistake in the
Kazakh text :-(
And to add to the situation this verse talks about "clean and unclean" ;-)

I guess what I really need is "the ultimate reference to differences in
mapping between the KJV and the Protestant Synodal" if someone has compiled

Until then I need to unpick a bit more of where these differences are
Hopefully I can feed back to everyone once I have a clearer view.
Any further suggestions would be a great help!

Many thanks,

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