[sword-devel] KJV vs Russian Synodal versification comparison

Konstantin Maslyuk kalemas at mail.ru
Tue Apr 12 03:45:33 MST 2011

I  have  sent  a  reply on your message but it was delayed before been
moderated. Also i have sent that attachment on your mail.

Hi,   Andy.   I   have  attached  file  with  description  of  Synodal
versification  used  in Sword and verse mappings to KJV versification.
This table would contain errors because i haven't checked every verse,
only  chapters  with  different  verse count. So i will be glad to get
help  from  you and, of course, to provide any kind of help for you on
this subject.

> I  am working on preparing text for 2 Central Asian languages and as
> we  test  different  applications we are trying to make sure that we
> cover  as  many areas of possible error as possible. I was wondering
> if  as you, the app developers, have developed support for different
> versifications  if  you have a document or some info on what exactly
> is different between the KJV and Russian Synodal versification. Some
> kind  of  documented  info  on this would be of great help as at the
> moment  we  just  have some pointers which some people have given us
> but not a complete list.

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