[sword-devel] subsection references -- OSIS equivalent of ThML #anchor?

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Fri Mar 19 07:35:11 MST 2010

"Peter von Kaehne" <refdoc at gmx.net> writes:
> Basically every addressable section/subsection of a book would get its
> own OsisID along the scheme described for Bibles.

Although we can devise schemes by which to extricate section separators
in genbooks and dictionaries, verse-keyed commentary content is
different.  The identification scheme is strictly book/chapter/verse.
It is exactly the need to reach into a sub-verse region that I want to

In any event, even for genbooks and dictionaries, the engine would
require some modification so that, when asked for
"/This/Key/That/Ends/Here/subsection" it correctly returns content for
"/This/Key/That/Ends/Here" and allows the application to devise its own
means by which to reach "subsection."

At the moment, I am dealing quite well with verse-keyed content of the
previously-mentioned form, that is, Book Ch:Vs#subsection, except that I
must strip off "#subsection" manually when navigating, because currently
"Gen 1:2#n13" is bogusly interpreted by VerseKey::ParseVerseList() as
"Gen 1:13". /oops/

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