[sword-devel] Server-side session capability

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Fri Jul 16 08:42:08 MST 2010

Hi All

I'm using JSword as the back-end for serving scripture and displaying on the
web for the Tyndale STEP project. I was wondering if there are built-in
options for server-side sessions? So what I'm after is a feature where-by I
could for example store a history/bookmarks from the user. It would have to
be able to handle different number of users. I don't need to do this with
JSword, but it would be neat, in particular if JSword would be able to store
that kind of information on a user-by-user basis...

Perhaps this is too specific a feature though... I guess there are two
things here, ... the need for storing extra user-specific information and
the idea that JSword might be accessed by different users...

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