[sword-devel] Genbook Bible support

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Jan 31 12:16:58 MST 2010

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Hey guys,
> Having a brief chat on IRC, it sounds like Osk is recommending we keep
> GenBook Bibles as a future solution to the av11n problem.

Off tangent:

Despite OSIS supporting strongly BSP encoding and despite more and more
Bible modules coming on line which have sectioning, our software does
not really support them effectively - beyond providing an option for
headlines and some paragraphing.

Sections cutting across chapter demarcations are usually not displayed
as one.

Sections are not searchable entities - despite being actually a very
common realistic search target: I want e.g. find the story of David and
Goliath and while a verse search will probably lead me there, a section
search would be preferable.

Books are displayed in most programmes as trees (or similar) of
books/chapters/verse, not as trees of (named/titled) sections.

One of the ideas behind GenBook bibles was IIRC to allow arbitrary
addressing, but i am wondering if this might not be also possible with
the help of section IDs within ordinary modules.

I further wonder, if section IDs are chosen carefully as a system
overarching all our modules whether this would allow a interesting way
of displaying parallel Bible modules with different versifications. But
this thought is half thought through only.


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