[sword-devel] Genbook Bible support

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Jan 29 17:59:22 MST 2010

Hey guys,

Having a brief chat on IRC, it sounds like Osk is recommending we keep 
GenBook Bibles as a future solution to the av11n problem.

The intention has always been to use GenBook Bibles as a way to allow a 
Bible to use a v11n system for which we didn't have an internal mapping, 
and to possibly, eventually replace our internal mappings with GenBook 
treekey data files we could read in dynamically.

But the current state is that GenBook Bibles are not yet officially 
supported in the engine.  You can try using them, but your mileage will 
vary :)

And the good news is that if you are supporting av11n in your frontend, 
you shouldn't need to know how the v11n was specified (internally, or 
from a genbook), so no code should have to change in your frontend.

I'm not surprised you're getting crashes.  Others have said things work 
for them.  I know I have loose ends in the impl, so it could be you're 
just exercising things different, or genuinely do have a bug in the way 
you are accessing av11n Bibles.  The bottom line is, regardless, the 
code is not done, and when it is done it shouldn't segfault no matter 
how you used it (within reason, of course :) ), so I wouldn't spend any 
time looking into it yet.


Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
> OK. Let's ask from the sword list what's the situation.
> On Wed, 27 Jan 2010, Gregory Hellings wrote:
>> Last time I heard, i was given the impression that support in the
>> engine was on hold until it was seen if it was necessary. With the
>> current v11n implementation, GenBook Bibles may never become a
>> necessity.
>> --Greg
>> On Jan 27, 2010, at 11:42 AM, Eeli Kaikkonen <eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi
>>  > wrote:
>>> There are at least two genbook Bibles in the Experimental CrossWire
>>> repository: LXXM and KJVgb. They don't work properly in our Bible
>>> view.
>   Yours,
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