[sword-devel] Making Latvian full Bible module. Confused about versification.

Jānis Veinbergs janis.veinbergs at vv.lv
Mon Jan 25 08:01:36 MST 2010


I`m currently making Latvian Bible Module (Old & New Testament) with 
text, that is most commonly used (making for personal use, because of 
copyright stuff, but emailed to Latvian Bible Society and hoping that 
they will allow to publish this module on crosswire). Currently, that 
Latvian version which is on crosswire repository is only NT and not 
commonly used.

Problem arises with versification.

Tried imp2mod tool providing different versifications (KJV, German, 
Luther etc.) hoping that Latvian text has that type of versification but 

Googling leads to wiki page 
<http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/Alternate_Versification> that explains 
possible ways to map verses, for example, to KJV:

   1. way: Create canon header
      </wiki/Alternate_Versification/Canon_Definition_Format> file
      (however article states that "we will not hard code every
      versification under the sun but only select and important ones".
   2. way: Article reads "If your scheme is not one of those you will
      need to go down the route of a GenBook Bible". Ok, I like this
      way! That means i have to prepare my source text in OSIS format.
      There is even some example on how to define reference system

However, reading OSIS 
User manual, I don't find a tag like /refMap/ i did in tutorial on how 
to define reference system <http://www.ccel.org/refsys/refsys.html>. Nor 
i don't find a way on how to create versification in crosswire wiki 
about OSIS GenBook format.. 
<http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/OSIS_Genbooks>. :(

So how do i link those both together so SWORD frontends get familiar 
with Latvian Bible text? Do i need to create a seperate file to define 
reference system for my Bible.Latvian.1997 ? And what do I do with that 
seperate file?

Could you please explain me what do I have to prepare and do to create 
my versification?

Thank you.
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