[sword-devel] PocketSword domain name

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Jan 20 10:47:38 MST 2010

Ian, thank you for the offer. CrossWire historically hasn't made it a 
policy to register unique domain names for each of our projects.
We're happy to provide services and a web presence like:


but projects come and go and get renamed as people come and go so often 
around here, registering unique domain names for each project would be a 

Many of our project leaders indeed do register unique domains and 
maintain these themselves, and we'd be happy to support them with web 
space and the like if they want to point their DNS entry to our server, 
but it is the responsibility of that project to maintain registration of 
a unique domain if they desire to have one.

So, in conclusion, you're welcome to point the domain to our servers and 
we'll do the work to setup our servers to point request to the domain to 
the appropriate docroot and other services, and obviously Nic or someone 
else has every right to take you up on your offer to transfer ownership 
and responsibility of the domain name, but CrossWire currently does not 
admin ownership of project-unique domain names.

I hope you understand.  Thank you for your generous heart throughout 
your work on PocketSword.


Barry Drake wrote:
> Ian Wagner wrote:
>> Sorry I haven't brought this up sooner, as I have been bogged down 
>> with school, but something does need to be done with the 
>> pocketsword.net domain name so that confusion does not result. 
> In the same vein, would it be sensible to ask David Trotz if he still 
> wants the swordreader.org domain name?  I would have thought that he 
> might be happy to transfer it to crosswire if we ask him.
> Gid bless,
> Barry
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