[sword-devel] osis-users

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Jan 13 22:12:29 MST 2010

I don't think Troy mentioned the recent creation of the osis-users 
mailing list, but I'd like to encourage anyone interested in OSIS 
encoding to join that list. I hope that purely OSIS-oriented discussions 
will be posted there, because we can expect a community of OSIS experts 
(and learners/newbies too!) to grow and foster broadened adoption & 
employment of OSIS. Currently, all of the OSIS core group are 
subscribed, so there should already be a good base of knowledgeable 
folks just waiting to answer your OSIS questions. :)

That said, I also hope that SWORD folks won't use the list for what are 
essentially SWORD-specific aspects of OSIS use (rendering support, 
import/export issues, etc.).

There's currently only 1 message on the list, but the archives, 
subscription page, etc. are at 


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