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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Tue Jan 12 11:20:22 MST 2010

Hi there .........

Tóth Tamás wrote:
> The other thing is I've never used svn earlier (only cvs and 
> sourcesafe) and I would like to ask you what to do with my modified files.
First, tell me where (exactly) you got the source.  Are you talking 
about SwordReader for WinMo?  The last guy who did serious work on that 
project was David Trotz.  He worked up until Febreary 2009.  Without 
checking, I really don't know whether the files on the crosswire svn are 
the up to date ones.  Congratulations on making the thing work under 
VC4.  I used to be involved with the project a while back and will help 
as much as I can, but first, I need to look at your starting point, and 
look at the files David last uploaded to see where we go from here.

SVN is really easy to use.  As you are using VC4, I assume you are on 
Windows.  Tortoise SVN is the application you will need.  You can use it 
to download, but you will need to be granted upload access before you 
can commit.  Meanwhile, I can upload your files for you.

David is no longer active on the project, and neither am I so it is up 
for grabs if you want to take it on.  I've copied this to the Sword 
developer's list, as I'm not sure how many folk take the mobile-devel 
list.  It hardly ever gets posts.  You might want to join Sword_Devel as 

God bless,

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