[sword-devel] KJV Beta issue

jhphx jhphx at cox.net
Sun Jun 14 23:10:45 MST 2009

Ben Morgan wrote:
> BPBible 0.4.4 currently displays a pilcrow without a space after it, 
> as that is what is in the text.
> BPBible 0.5 will turn these into paragraphs, as that is what they 
> represent.

But does a pilcrow represent a paragraph or is it that they represent 
the same or similar things, which is not the same as one representing 
the other? As I understand it, and I could be wrong, the pilcrow was 
around centuries before the paragraph. In ancient Greece Aristotle wrote 
about the paragraphos but that was also another mark different from the 
pilcrow or an indent or block. They are all punctuation marks. Now to 
add to the confusion we also call the text that these marks indicate 

Today we have more than one way to mark paragraphs. I would say that for 
the most part they are interchangeable but I would be careful about 
doing so. I think there are times where an author choses to block rather 
than indent and keeping his style is important to being true to the 
original text in the way the author wanted it.

For an interesting read see:
Look at the examples of paragraphs styles at the bottom. In that context 
it is clear that paragraph style is important. Maybe it is or isn't as 
important in the KJV, but it may be worth some serious consideration.

BTW: which paragraph style were you going to replace the pilcrows with, 
indent, block, or something else? Just curious.


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