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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Jul 20 20:01:56 MST 2009

Well, we kindof have a framework started.

With ideas from Joachim Ansorg's framework he did for the Bibletime site 
a long time ago, me and Daniel Glassey wrote a JSP taglib extension for 
the localization of CrossWire web sites.  The framework has been refined 
and works great.

It allows a translator to login, pick a language and start translating 
strings from a page.

The page needs only the encompass any translatable strings with 
<t:t>this is a translatable string</t:t>

The framework then compiles a table of all strings and presents them to 
the translator.

When the page is displayed, it replaces all the <t:t> tag text with the 
text for the correct language.

We could easily generate a simple page that lists all Bible book names 
on a page.  Actually, it would be fun to just make the instruction page 
only encapsulate the Bible book names in <t:t> so when you translate the 
instruction page, you'll only be presented with the Bible book names. 
Anyway, we could get creative.

Here is an example of translated swordweb:

Modern Greek


We just haven't opened it up for volunteers yet as we haven't settled on 
the actual text for swordweb.

Would be cool to setup translation projects in the community site! :) 
We could really use some creative individuals willing to jump in and 
start fiddling with what we have already and refining the framework. 
It's been drastically refined for the CSNTM project (we're getting tons 
of volunteers, though not many from sword-devel-- which is actually 
quite good as it means we're attracting scholars and not primarily 
programmers).  But the projects are REALLY ugly, as, well, you know me. 
:)  e.g.,


Any designers willing to pretty up the styles of these pages would be a 
welcomed blessing!


Chris Little wrote:

> Peter von Kaehne wrote:
>> Daniel Glassey wrote:
>>> On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 8:46 PM, Peter von Kaehne wrote:
>>>> xiphos is getting translated into Welsh.
>>> Bit late in my reply and that's nice but (and I haven't looked to see
>>> if it has been done already) it would be helpful if translators could
>>> translate the book names (sword 'locales') and some other apps as
>>> well.
>> Welsh locales - done. Ages ago :-)
>> re other applications - I think that this is largely a matter of need.
>> It is hard work and you translate only what you see use for.
>> I do think though it would be nice if we could come to some increased
>> overlap of language of dialogues which would allow re-use of
>> translations. Not sure how realistic this is, but it has been mentioned
>> from time to time.
> Long ago (ca. 2000-2001) when Logos was preparing to release the first 
> version of Series X, they had a very nice web app that would allow 
> people to pick a language and then input the localized version of all of 
> the Bible book names.
> I think it would be great (and a nice project for any of you more 
> inclined to working on web apps) if we could do the same and extend it 
> to cover the localizable Sword & front end strings.
> --Chris
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