[sword-devel] Systemwide clucene indexes

Raphaël Pinson raphink at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 06:34:18 MST 2009


I have a proposal to improve the usability of BibleTime for end users.
Currently, when you install modules, whether locally or systemwide,
you need to build the indexes before peforming searches. In
Debian/Ubuntu, quite a few modules are packaged and shipped as .deb,
making them available to all users. I think it would be great if the
indexes could be compiled and installed systemwide aswell. From what I
see, this would require 2 things :
   * that BibleTime search for clucene indexes in /usr/share/foo in
addition to ~ ;
   * that there exists a CLI tool to generate the indexes from the modules.

With these two conditions, packagers could generate the indexes from
the modules as they package them, and ship them together for
systemwide installation, which would allow all users on the system to
benefit from the indexes without building them.

Feedback on the idea is welcome :-)

Raphaël Pinson

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