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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Wed Feb 13 03:39:18 MST 2008

Hi there .........

I just have to share this!  While taking a preliminary look at the way 
General Books are handled compared with canonical text modules, I looked 
at the search (using the commandline example).  Searching the whole 
bible (without cLucene) for "amos" takes a lot longer in the KJV module 
than it does in a KJVgbs module (which also contains all the tags).  I 
dropped a timer into the code.  The figures are: KJV - 31.718 secs. 
KJVgbs - 4.960 secs.

Out of interest I'll probably repeat the test with a text-only KJV in 
both text and general book format.

I haven't looked at the 'why' as yet - I imagine it might be because of 
the filters?  It's food for thought though.

Anyhow, I no longer regard general book modules as slow!

God bless,

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