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David (Mailing List & Spam Address) davidslists at gmx.net
Mon Feb 11 11:33:46 MST 2008

On Monday 11 February 2008 11:53:18 am jonathon wrote:
> * Replacing the components taht come fromTrollTech, on the grounds
> that it does not adhere to (name of some set of principles,such _The
> Sullivan Principles_.)

The only components that come from TrollTech are in Bibletime since it is KDE 
based which has it's foundation in Qt, furthermore Bibletime is going only Qt 
soon. Qt, as of version 4.0 I believe, is available on the three major 
platforms (*nix, windows, and mac (which is *nix with a proprietary GUI 
framework)) under the GPL the merger cannot change this fact, all that could 
happen is that Nokia could close up the new sources. However, there was an 
agreement made by TrollTech with either the FreeQt Foundation or the KDE 
Foundation I forget which off the top of my head, which states that if there 
is not a new version of Qt/X11 (the *nix version) released under gpl the 
foundation gets to take the latest released version and release it under a 
BSD style license (which makes it more likely to be attractive to 3rd party 
companies interested in using it in a propriatary fashion which previously 
required a license from TrollTech). This would be of detriment to Nokia, who, 
I believe at least, is interested in learning how the FLOSS community works, 
and this is a grand oppportunity to do so. Besides which, the merger was 
something like roughly .1% of Nokia's value and they make enough in a few 
hours to cover TrollTech's entire annual losses. I think we should have a 
wait and see attitude on this to see what happens.

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