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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Sat Feb 9 06:25:07 MST 2008

Hi there .....

By way of a very preliminary look at this, I ran mod2osis on a couple of 
bibles.  The osis looks OK to me, but I'm really not au fait with OSIS. 
  I've no idea what a properly constructed OSIS bible ought to look like!

I ran xml2gbs on the KJV osis file and got a working gbs module - but 
the chapter and verses are fairly randomly sorted: it does begin with 
Gen 1:1 (named as 1/1/1) but there any resemblance stops.

As a check, I ran osis2mod on the same OSIS files and got a rawtext 
module with ot and nt both zero length!

All the tools are from the latest pre-built Windows binaries I just 

However, a test to see the operation of the gbs module I produced gives 
encouraging results.  Using an adapted version of lookup.cpp I got the 
attached output from the original KJV and then from the KJVgbs module 
for Gen 1:1.  As far as I can see both are identical.

And I can barely detect the difference in reading times, which is 
encouraging so far.  I want to put some timing code in, to get an idea 
first but so far so good .....

Does anyone have an OSIS bible which will build properly using osis2mod? 
  I spent some time trying to track one down on the Sword site - no 
success so far.

Chris - any comments?  If I seem to be taking the wrong approach, please 

God bless,

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