[sword-devel] Portuguese texts, copyrights - a suggestion

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Feb 11 06:56:35 MST 2008

A recurrent theme on the list is the refusal to give us distribution rights.

I have found in my attempt to obtain such rights for Persian translations that people react favourably to the existance of a working programme in Persian language )BibleDesktop) Everyone and their mum can create a module in whatever language they whish for whatever bible software they want to. 

But all of these foreign language modules will be largely pointless for the bulk of intended users if the software using it is only in English. One there is software in the chosen language a Bible module makes so much more sense.

So, my suggestion is that you Portuguese/Brazilians here on the list sit down and produce a good translation of one or more of the Crosswire programmes. BD would be my suggestion as a BD translator - but this is really up to you.

It should take you a week or so of concentrated work, maybe less. But that will be a huge stepping stone twoards material being actually useful. 

If this does not result in immediate release of a good modern Bible then move on and produce quality GenBook modules and commentaries from public domain texts. 

In short - a Bible module on its own is nothing, but translated software and other modules create an environment where you can legitmately argue that the Bible missing is to the detriment of the copyright holder, just as much as to the detriment of the software users. 

I have done just this successfully now several times.

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