[sword-devel] <title> not displayed?

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Sun Feb 10 17:10:13 MST 2008

--- Chris Little <chrislit at crosswire.org> ha scritto:

> More importantly, turning titles off is inappropriate in non-Bible  
> texts. OptionFilters should basically never appear in non-Bible texts.

OK I'll remove those.

> It looks like the code is there and changes <title> into HTML <b>.
> If your <hi> code is pasted correctly, italic text is what would be  
> expected. <hi> will be converted to italics by default unless  
> type="bold" is specified. (Your example has no =, which means the  
> whole mal-formed attribute will be ignored.)

No, my code is right.. the editor tends to fill in some tags so I mistyped it
in the email. 
Here's what I have now:
    <div type="section" osisID="Meditation VIII">
     <title type="main">MEDITATION VIII.</title>
     <p><hi type="bold">Institution of the Holy Eucharist.</hi></p>
The Title still gets lost, but at least now I can read what the title was
I think the highlighting would be clearer if I could make the font bigger.. sd
the original thml does, but I can't find a way to do it in OSIS.
While here, I have some questions:

In titles:
- What is the effect of adding type="main" or type="sub"?
- What is the effect of defining level=1?
in osisText:
According to the xsd the only value for osisRefWork is "Bible" so I guess this
would be wrong:
<osisText osisRefWork="GenBook" canonical="true" osisIDWork="passion"
Just as a suggestion for a future revision, I think other values (like
"GenBook") would be more appropiate. 

The xslt conversor added the page numbers as milestones:
<milestone type="pb" n="5"/> 
and then there is what appears to be crossreferences to the page numbers:

<div type="subSection"> <title type="sub">Index of Pages of the Print
<p><a href="#i-Page_5">5</a> 
<a href="#ii-Page_6">6</a> 
<a href="#ii-Page_7">7</a> 
<a href="#ii-Page_8">8</a> 
<a href="#ii-Page_9">9</a> 
 I don't think page numbers can be used as labels in OSIS right?

And finally, does sword support lists? This would be interesting but I haven't
made sense of it yet:

<div type="subSection" osisID="latin index">
<title type="sub">Index of Latin Words and Phrases</title>
 <item>A fructibus eorum, cognoscetis eos: 
  <a href="#ii-p7.1">1</a></item>
 <item>Ecce homo: 
  <a href="#xiv.xxix-p2.1">1</a></item>
 <item>Pater noster: 

Sorry to keep firing questions for you guys but I am hoping that if I learn to
do just *one* document right, afterwards I won't be bothering any more ;-).


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