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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Mon Feb 4 04:33:52 MST 2008

Jonathan Morgan wrote:
> If you look in the archives of this mailing list you can see some
> things that people have been persistently asking for (alternate
> versification sprints to mind...).

The recent thread on flexible versification seems to have died.  I had 
hoped that Chris would point us to a spec. somewhere.  Chris?

The suggestion that a flexible canon be supported only in general books 
raises one concern.  It's terribly slow!  For this reason, no atttempt 
has been made to work with general books in SwordReader so far.  But - 
it is essential that we implement support for a flexible canon.  Chris - 
can you put a page up somewhere offering the rationale so far?  I am 
really interested in looking at this aspect.

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