[sword-devel] TSK Section Descriptions in KJV

SonWon sonwon.1 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 12:23:00 MST 2008

DM Smith wrote:
> SonWon wrote:
>> DM,
>> I thought it would be nice to pull the TSK section descriptions and 
>> drop them into the KJV text.
> The actual KJV text has section descriptions. I thought they were 
> present in the module, but I could be wrong. If they are not, we should 
> get them and use them.
Well I have titles enabled but nothing is showing up maybe the beta 
SwordReader doesn't support them yet?  I thought it did though.
> As an aside, some people get very upset if you modify the KJV from what 
> they consider the original.
I would never suggest modifying the text.  Didn't know people would be 
sensitive to titles.
> There is a bunch of synthetic/virtual modules that I think would make 
> lots of sense. These would be such that you could say, "Use TSK as foot 
> notes and as an outline to my current Bible."
Hmm, the TSK would make good footnotes.
> I have seen several presentations a Bible book as an outline with Book, 
> Chapter and Section headings/titles as levels in the outlines. Verse 
> numbering is presented as secondary. This is something that I think we 
> should work toward in our front-ends.
Are there any pictures so I can get an idea what this would look like?
> Another example of synthesis: Each verse (for a given versification) has 
> a specific set of Strong's numbers. In providing Strong's number 
> searching, a front-end could search a single module having Strong's 
> numbers and present the search results from a Bible that does not have 
> Strong's numbers.
This is a good idea also, maybe easier to after a search just change the 
text to see the various Bible's.

Another idea pops into mind tapping or clicking on a verse and selecting 
compare translations which would open a window listing that verse with 
all of the various loaded Bibles.  So the verse would be repeated in the 
various translations.
> -- DM
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