[sword-devel] TSK Section Descriptions in KJV

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 4 06:57:20 MST 2008

SonWon wrote:
> DM,
> I thought it would be nice to pull the TSK section descriptions and 
> drop them into the KJV text.

The actual KJV text has section descriptions. I thought they were 
present in the module, but I could be wrong. If they are not, we should 
get them and use them.

As an aside, some people get very upset if you modify the KJV from what 
they consider the original.

There is a bunch of synthetic/virtual modules that I think would make 
lots of sense. These would be such that you could say, "Use TSK as foot 
notes and as an outline to my current Bible."

I have seen several presentations a Bible book as an outline with Book, 
Chapter and Section headings/titles as levels in the outlines. Verse 
numbering is presented as secondary. This is something that I think we 
should work toward in our front-ends.

Another example of synthesis: Each verse (for a given versification) has 
a specific set of Strong's numbers. In providing Strong's number 
searching, a front-end could search a single module having Strong's 
numbers and present the search results from a Bible that does not have 
Strong's numbers.

-- DM

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