[sword-devel] Calvin's Commentaries - new module

Luke Plant L.Plant.98 at cantab.net
Fri Nov 30 07:18:11 MST 2007

On Friday 30 November 2007 04:38:13 Chris Little wrote:

> Stripping extraneous whitespace before/after a line is correct
> behavior. It should re-insert a newline after each line, also. There
> might be some bugs in the render filters. I'll take a look at the
> filters when I get some time, but in general we do want to strip
> unnecessary characters.

I've checked by running osis2mod without compression and examining its 
output, and this utility is definitely at fault.  Fragment of input 
XML, with line break after 'when' and leading whitespace on the next 

<p>...the serpent was not eloquent by nature, but when
                         Satan, by divine permission...

Result in output of osis2mod:

...the serpent was not eloquent by nature, but whenSatan, by divine 

No line break is inserted.

Apart from this and some other small issues I'm addressing at the 
moment, the module is ready for public testing.



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