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Wed Nov 28 12:44:30 MST 2007

Barry, Troy et al, 
I found the following guidelines on porting Win32 to WinCE.  Perhaps the  
filehandle problem could be fixed with "CreateFileForMapping.  Just a  thought. 
Summary of differences when moving from Win32 to WinCE  
    *   Absence of image headers at the start of loaded image on WinCE  
    *   No awareness of the current directory on WinCE ********************** 
This  looks familiar  
    *   The need to call CreateFileForMapping on WinCE *************  Cannot 
get handle w/o this?  
    *   WinCE is Unicode only  
    *   Absence of DIV instruction in ARM ISA  
    *   Automatic generation of position-independent code with armasm 

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