[sword-devel] Latvian NT add-in of the Sword project

Kaspars k.bankovskis at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 09:14:38 MST 2007

The add-in of Latvian New Testament should be encoded differently
(probably to unicode). Seems it's encoded with charset windows-1257
now, and it means that if Latvians would like to read it, they should
change in operating system settings the way how to display non-unicode
characters. And that is bad solution - if the user works also with
other languages, these settings will mess-up the display of other
languages, because in the charset windows-1257 Latvian-specific
characters are substituted with other Latin letters from extended
Latin set from Unicode map (letters used in French, for example).
Those non-ASCII characters which are used in Lithuanian are the same
in Latvian, we use the same character set, and as I see, Lithuanian
Bible is displayed correctly (it's unicode), while the Latvian not.
Would it be possible to create new version of this add-in to be able
to work with it, otherwise it's quite useless.
Thanks for your work,

Kaspars Bankovskis
+371 26365619

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