[sword-devel] Diplay of a module on the web

Benny Wasty bennywasty at gmx.de
Tue Nov 13 14:50:58 MST 2007


I want to make a bible module accessible via the Web. For the beginning 
SWORDWeb would be fine as it is I guess. Later there should be also 
linking between verses/passages and some kind of discussion forum 
(discussion about the translation of certain verses, testimonies 
connected with bible passages and the like).
Unfortunately I don't have a dedicated server where I could install 
SWORDWeb. Before I get one I'd like to know if there are alternatives 
where I could use a normal webserver without much extra coding. 
Preferrable would be a solution with PHP as it's available on most 
webservers and as I have some experience with it, but I'd like to know 
any alternative.


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