[sword-devel] flashtools

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Nov 10 01:13:52 MST 2007

After quite some time in the making, I would like to announce that 
flashtools is finally at a place where it can be considered ready for 
public consumption.  flashtools is a package for autogenerating 
flashcard lessons based on word frequency.  It requires installation of 
the SWORD engine and the KJV module.  The following is straight from the 
usage information for the tool:

usage: ./flash [OPTIONS]
   -c                     generate CSV file instead of flashcards
   -o <outputDir>         directory to output files
   -w <wordCount>         number of words per lesson (default 25)
   -d <m|k>               definition to use (default k):
                                  m - short meaning; k - KJV collation
   -r <"range">           verse range
   -f <fontName>          include special font name for lesson
   -h                     display this help message

Thank you to Lyndon Drake for contributing to the success of the code, 
to Dr David Instone-Brewer at Tyndale House for the pointed Hebrew word 
list and cleaned up short definitions, and to Ulrik Petersen, James 
Tauber, and Chris Little for work on the Greek pointed word list and 
greek short definitions.  The tool can be found in the sword-tools 
repository here:


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